Terms and Conditions

In order to benefit from the Karmacoin community the following terms apply:

The Consultancy refers to Hurren and Hope Holdings and all associated companies within the group.


If the referral made is for a candidate already registered with the Consultancy then it will not be treated as a valid referral and no Karmacoins will be due.


The referred candidate must have successfully completed the agreed rebate period* with the end employer or a three month contract placement.


There is no limit on the number of referrals which can be made; however, only one referral can be made per candidate and Karmacoins may only be given once for this candidate. A maximum of 10 referrals can be made in a day.


The referred candidate must be eligible to work in the UK and must be placed within 12 months of the referral in order to be eligible for Karmacoins.


Contract and permanent job referrals must result in a successful placement through the Consultancy in order to be eligible for Karmacoins.


A job referral for the purpose of the scheme is deemed to be an introduction to the individual responsible for the hiring of a new employee or contractor with confirmed budget allocated to the hiring of said new employee and authorisation by the company directors to engage the services of the Consultancy. Where all or part of these criteria are not fulfilled no Karmacoins will be issued.


Referrals can only be made by members of the Karmacoin scheme in order to be eligible for the prizes offered by the scheme. A maximum of 10 referrals can be made in a day.


There is no cash alternative for Karmacoins or prizes, and Karmacoins are not for resale or considered legal tender. However, a given value will be allocated to each Karmacoin for the purpose of making a donation to charity at the end of the calendar year. This figure will be displayed on the Karmacoin website.


In the event that the Consultancy is (for whatever reason) unable to procure the indicated prize, then you will receive a substitute prize of commensurate value, subject to these same terms and conditions. No cash alternative is available.


Awards, with the exception of the LG OLED TV, will be awarded in the form of gift cards or vouchers, under the terms and conditions associated with each company's voucher scheme. Further information can be found at: https://www.virginexperiencedays.co.uk/giftcardtermsandconditions and https://www.apple.com/legal/giftcards/applestore/uk/.


The referred person must be notified and have consented to their details being passed to the Consultancy (for this scheme) before the date of the referral. This is the responsibility of the referee and is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. The referee will indemnify the Consultancy for any loss or claim arising out of the referee's failure to procure such consent.


Notification of a referral must be made before or on the date the referred individual has registered with the Consultancy. No retrospective referrals will be given.


If a prize is stolen, lost, lost in transit or destroyed this is not the responsibility of the Consultancy; however, we will do all we can to remedy the situation.


The Consultancy reserves the right to terminate or amend the scheme at any time.


Eligibility for this offer is at the discretion of the Consultancy and our decision is final.


The referee agrees that the Consultancy will not be held liable for any loss or claim arising out of the exercise of any of the vouchers in this scheme, and that the referee exercises such vouchers or experiences wholly at their own risk.


Participants of the scheme have the ‘right to be forgotten’. Any requests of this nature should be directed to help@hurrenandhope.com


Should you leave the scheme, any remaining coins associated with your account will be allocated to the charity Karmapool.


You warrant and confirm that the referral does not breach any duty you (or any third party) may owe to any other person or organisation (due to any expectation on you to act in good faith or impartially, or because you are in a position of trust) arising out of any:


a. function of a public nature;


b. activity connected with a business, trade or profession;


c. activity performed in the course of any person’s employment (including yours); or


d. activity performed by or on behalf of a body of persons (whether corporate or incorporate)


The Consultancy shall not be liable arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or (i) any loss of or damage to profit, revenue, savings, data, use, contract, goodwill or business or (ii) any indirect or consequential loss or damage, in each case howsoever caused or arising.


The term "howsoever caused or arising" when used in this Agreement shall be construed widely to cover all causes and actions giving rise to liability, including but not limited to (i) whether arising by reason of any misrepresentation (whether made prior to and/or in this Agreement), negligence, breach of statutory duty, other tort, breach of contract, restitution or otherwise and (ii) whether arising under any indemnity and (iii) whether caused by any total or partial failure or delay by the Consultancy.


Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or exclude any party's liability for fraud or for death or personal injury caused by the negligence, or to the extent otherwise not permitted by law.

*Rebate period

A rebate period refers to a period of time where an employer can request a refund of the Consultancy’s fees should a referred candidate be dismissed from their post or choose to leave during a set period.

Employers have the opportunity to engage the services of the Consultancy on a number of different service levels, with rebate periods ranging from one month to one year. Should you wish to confirm the rebate period relevant to any given referral, please contact help@hurrenandhope.com for details.

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